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Veiled Innocence

Veiled Innocence - Ella Frank So, I heard SO MANY GOOD THINGS about this book. So many. 5-Stars all around!

From the start I wondered if I had even downloaded the right book. The whole tick tick tock thing ... yeah, way over used. We get it already.

And then, AND THEN ... ugh. How is this a love story? I'm sorry but there is nothing between these two characters but A.) wanting something you can't have B.) lust. Neither of them are likable, to the point that I wanted to turn them in just for it all to be over. They were definitely made for each other in their unlikableness.

It really pains me to feel this way, because the whole older guy/younger girl thing had my intrigued. And like I said, I heard so so so many good things. But yeah, this one just wasn't working for me, and sadly turned me off from wanting to read any more of Frank's works.

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