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A is for Alibi

A is for Alibi - Sue Grafton Far be it for me to knock something that has obviously worked well for many years, but I am struggling with this series (I've read C is for Corpse previously, so this is not a one-off thing). I feel like I should have a much better feel for Kinsey's character, especially now after two books, but there are so many times she seems to do things just to further the story, not because that is what her personality would dictate. And the slow, slow, oh-so-slow build over 90% of the book, and then BOOM case solved ... I'm just not a fan. It causes so much dragging at times. This book was example of one where so much could have been cut out to make the story move along faster, and keep me more engaged. For example, the little side plot with the insurance fraud thing.

All-in-all I may try one more book in the series, but this was a let down for me.

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