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The Making of Nebraska Brown

The Making of Nebraska Brown - Louise Caiola So, Ana Lisa/Ann Leigh wakes up in a garden in Italy, mysteriously able to speak the language, and with an apartment and a hunky, hunky boyfriend. BUT, AL is having flashbacks/dreams of a life back in Nebraska with a not-so-hunky boyfriend. She starts investigating her double life with the help (?) of hunky-hunky boyfriend and girl friend Ren, and becomes convinced that she has a past life in Nebraska.

And usually, I'm not a fan of the back and forth, past and present, but it works here.

The dreams/flashbacks get longer and more detailed, so AL and HHB end up in the States, first in California to see a head doctor, and then to Nebraska. And, without giving too much away, AL learns some things in Nebraska, about herself and HHB.

I want to be more enthusiastic about this book. There's nothing that leaps out at me as a major flaw, and the story itself interesting. AL is well fleshed out, reasonably believable. And I would definitely read more by Ms. Caiola, and I really enjoyed her writing style. But for some reason this fell just below book love for me. But hey! Three stars, and I would definitely recommend it.

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