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Truth or Beard

Truth or Beard - Penny Reid This ... I ... *sigh*

The story started with a bang, so much so that I immediately put my Kindle down and author-stalked Penny Reid because I just KNEW she was going to be my new favorite author.

Jessica James sees Beau Winston coming her way, they end up hot and heavy backstage, and surprise, it's actually Beau's twin brother Duane. There's also some stuff about Sexy Gandolf, Catastrophic Engine Failure, and the like that had me convinced I was going to love this book.

And then the repetition started. Jessica wants to get hot and heavy, Duane wants to court her all nice and slow. Should be romantic right? Alas, it became super tedious. It also made me wonder just how made for each other the two really were. They continually want different things. Jessica wants to travel, Duane wants to settle in.

I don't know. By the end, even with the anti-climatic biker bar scene, I found myself struggling not to skim. In the end I wasn't a fan of Jessica's, and the writing that had started off with a bang fizzled out.

3 stars because of potential and because despite the flaws, it didn't make me rage!delete the book from my Kindle. And I'm totally willing to give Reid's writing another chance.

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