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Dirty (Dive Bar)

Dirty (Dive Bar) - Kylie Scott Having read the Stage Dive series, Kylie Scott's writing is like a familiar old friend. That said, maybe a little too familiar. Dirty, the first book of the Dive Bar series, feels almost recycled from the Stage Dive series.

Lydia finds herself on the run from a disastrous would-be wedding, over a fence and right through Vaughan's window into his bathtub. Where she finds herself face to crotch with the man himself, who has just returned home after the breakup of his band.

Both down on their luck they strike up a friendship, I guess, and things progress from there. Quickly. As the whole book takes place over the course of a week. No moving slow, taking your time here. Moving in, ups and down, and of course sex, it feels like the book should take place over months, not days. But days it is, and when the week is up they are supposed to go on their own separate ways.

I don't know, I mean I liked it. Scott's writing is smooth and mostly easy to follow. But it felt pretty predictable at this point.

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