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Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell **possibly spoilerish**

So, I was not a fan of high school. I didn't hate it, but it wasn't my favorite time. And yet, somehow, Rainbow Rowell made me almost miss high school, if only so I could go back in time and cheer Eleanor and Park on in their super sweet relationship.

Eleanor is new and Park is cool/not too cool. And they sit together on the bus because teenagers can suck so hard. But then, through music and comics, love blossoms between them. And it is super sweet, like have your dentist on speed dial sweet. It is that all-consuming, how-can-anything-ever-compare first love kind of love that just hits right in the feels. And, of course, they have their obstacles. Eleanor's outsider status, her less-than-stellar home life, etc. And don't forget the highs and lows of simply being a teenager and trying to figure out life through trial by fire.

BUT, the ending people. The. Ending. I really thought Rainbow Rowell and I were destined to be BBFFs (book best friends forever) because I loved loved loved this book, and then BAM! Right in the face and in the feels and ugh. I raged. I threatened to do mean things to the book (which I didn't because it was a library copy, lucky book), and my bookworm 10 year-old looked at me in pure horror and like I had betrayed him because books are good and holy and how can he have a mother that threatens to light a book on fire?! Ahem, sorry.

Minus a half star because I'm totally butthurt over the ending.

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