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Plain Cover-Up

Plain Cover-Up - Alison  Stone This read quite a bit like a Lifetime movie. Not that this is a bad thing, but that from the beginning it was pretty predictable.

Christina runs a health clinic, and Dylan is back in Apple Creek on leave from the FBI. An Amish girl is drugged and left on Christina's doorstep, and a whole slew of things happen from there. The fact that the girl is Amish really has little bearing on the story itself. Instead the focus turns more to Christina's past and being attacked while she was in college.

So many of the characters seemed to do and say exactly what they needed to move the story along, and not necessarily realistically. I mean, if I were to walk into a local school and accuse one of their coaches of something horrible, no way would they explain to me exactly what was going to be done to handle the situation just like that. There were be investigating, confidentiality, and so on.

And if I thought someone was trying to kill me, obligation or not I would not be going into his home alone to check on his ailing wife. Especially if with one call I could have a sheriff deputy/brother there with me.

Everything just worked out so neat and tidy with a bow. It was a quick, easy little read, but not without its flaws.

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