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Everything We Keep: A Novel

Everything We Keep: A Novel - Kerry Lonsdale So, let's see. Aimee's fiance, James, goes missing a couple of months before their wedding, and she ends up burying him on the day they were supposed to be married. At the funeral she's approached by a mysterious woman, who tells her James is still alive.

And it's all downhill from here, folks. A completely convoluted mess. A few thoughts:

Aimee and James had been together for years, super in love, she didn't throw away anything take off her ring after he was buried, etc. And yet, she waits months and months to look into whether he actually still is alive or not. Months.

And then there's the instalove with Ian, who Aimee strings along through the whole book. Because Aimee is SUPER self-centered. Everyone loves her, everything is about her. I just ...

I just probably should have waited until the anger wore off before writing this review is what I just, because I can't even get this all out coherently I'm so ... ugh.

There's a sequel coming, I guess. I will not be reading it.

Overall, interesting idea in theory. Poor execution.

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